2017 Best Brown(Black)Ticked Tabby Scottish Straight of the Year 

Best of Breed 

Kitten in Western

Europe for the 2015/2016

CH.Zara Sunnheim

Scottish Straight
Black Ticked  Tabby n25

Zara is a loveable character and warms to our company from morning to night. Zara is so affectionate and always puts a smile on our face, she has a beautiful colour coat being black tabby ticked which in reality she looks like a cute grey squirell! Zara has amazing big eyes which are hard to resist a hug and a million kisses! She is our Zara......   

ZaraFold Achilles

Scottish Straight Shorthair
Black Silver Shaded SCS ns11
Blood type-A
Fiv, FeLV, Pkd, Hcm - Negative
Carrier of Siamese colourpoint (C/cs)

As a kitten, Admiral was a little bruiser! He would bound along the floor without a care or worry then roll on his back to show you his round tummy! Now he has grown and is a handsome young cat looking so proud in stature with his broad build and muscle definition. Admiral has still kept his playful character and never fails to keep us entertained and smiling.   

CH.Admiral Absolu

Scottish Fold 
Black silver spotted tabby ns24
Blood type-A
Fiv, FeLV, Pkd, Hcm - Negative
Carrier of Siamese colourpoint (C/cs)

Awarded the title of

Champion 2017


Best Black Silver Spotted Tabby

Scottish Fold of the Year 

ZaraFold  Beatrice

Scottish Fold Shorthair
Black Silver Color Point  SFS ns33  

Blood type-A
Fiv, FeLV ,PKD - Negative

Carrier of Dilute (D/d)

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